In January 2015, Papa's House purchased 11 mature, bred nanny goats for the churches in Mindanao. The families in the church are responsible for taking care of the nanny goat and raising the kids. When the nanny gives birth, the first kid will be given back to the church so another family in the church can be blessed with an income and food.  And so on it goes…


Happy New Year to you PHI. Your images still lingers and we do miss your kindness and love for Jesus.
Thank you so much we will never forget your few days visit here has done a lot of goodness to all of us.
Remembering you lights this fire of God's love in us.

Great grace has come upon us here thru the  PHI  team. The love of God you've shown us was such a tremendous thing we've experience..I understand the depth of God's work in your life thru your ministry  last November...and i am so thankful to our Heavenly Father for this has truly ministered to never knew what we've gone thru then but the word and work God wrought thru you has deeply touched us ..and brought understanding in the. light of God's word and healing was ministered to us.

Thank you for the encouragement you gave us.

Next week the pastors who are given will get these nanny goats so they will be the ones responsible for these gifts of love.  We pray that these livelihood will multiply and sure it will be like Jacob's flock..Thank you PHI family..Thank you so much for these you gve in Jesus.
May the Lord multiply you and cause His presence to go before you to share Father's love to all in the family.

        ptra gloria beronio