Mongolia - 2023



Our goal was to send 100 adult bibles and 100 children's bibles to the people of Mongolia who have none.


With your help we provided over 300 bibles printed in the Mongolian native language.

Over 80% of the children's bibles were given to the deaf school.


April 14-28 - MONGOLIA

The people of Mongolia called and we responded!
Our first missions trip in 2023 was to Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia and then to the far north regions close to the Russian border.

We are taking to the gospel to areas few people go! 
Our purpose:
1. Minister to pastors from various town churches in the province, training and teaching them so they can spread the gospel to other areas.
2. Ministered to the youth and youth leaders to encourage them and strengthen their resolve to continue to do kingdom work.
3. Teach and train youth leaders in pastorship. 


Good morning brothers,
Hope that you rested well. I am Ulzii whom you anointed yesterday. I feel happy because a man of God anointed me. I know that I have a great desire to serve God, but no power plus there are hindrances such as shyness, fear, discouragement,  no smell, hard of hearing, etc. I kindly ask you to pray for me that I am able to overcome these hindrances, so I can serve the Lord with faith and courage.
By the way, my son was blessed by your message. He said that God touched his heart. Praise the Lord. 
May the Lord bless you abundantly. 

Deputy Superintendent of AG Mongolia