PROJECT Cambodia Emergency Relief - COMPLETED
In October 2013, Papa’s House helped provide emergency relief funds to help those villages hit hard by major flooding in Cambodia. Pastor Sam distributed relief goods to 154 families in Battambang and Poipet including 30 widows and 521 children.


I am so greatful for your quick reply and immediate readiness to help us......... I am so overwhelmed with your generosity and care for us and for the people of Cambodia...

As we arrived in the village to help one woman was in tears…  a mother of six children and husband went to work when the flood came… … flood came and she cannot do anything, she had a hard time evacuating her children…  she was so thankful that we brought the relief goods to her house.   They did not have anything to eat… they went to a relief distribution center and all they received were 5 packs of noodles…. I was startled, 5 packs of noodles… it is just a one meal thing.  It is a shame! They waited for many hours to receive relief goods and all they got was 5 packs of noodles…. I felt proud with the relief goods we are giving… we don’t give 5 packs of noodles only… we give 25 packs of noodles, 10 canned goods and 12.5 kilos of rice plus water and some sweets and balloons for the kids….. 

We met the local leaders and they were so thankful that we chose their place, their people to distribute relief goods…. And after few minutes the distribution started… they were very excited… with all smiles though some were camera shy… but they tried…. Their smiles were big consolations for us. It was heart-warming!

Thank you for making this relief operation a success. Today we were able to reach 170 families, distributed sweets and balloons to more than 100 children…. And most of all, we made God happy because of our OBEDIENCE… our obedience to go and your obedience to equip us that we may be able to GO and reach out to the people. Thank you LORD! Yet, the work is not yet over… next week, we head out to a place where houses are still underwater at waist level. Cannot believe it, after 2 weeks there are still house that are underwater…… please go with us in this journey… we need you, your prayers and your financial contribution…. Every cent counts, every single dollar counts! A million thanks for your prayers and partnership!

Let’s continue making a difference in the lives of the affected ones. We tell that what they receive is from Jesus… a gift from Jesus!  And they are very thankful!   Today we have distributed relief goods to 154 families in Battambang and Poipet, 30 of them are widows, and 1 mute old man; with 521 children.  Thank you Papa’s International for making this happen!

REMAIN BLESSED! Sam, Dj and family and the Battambang ministry team