Malawi Pig Project - 2021


Greetings from Zomba – Malawi the warm heart of Africa in the name of Jesus the son of the living God who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
I absolutely appreciate, because that you would not have to supported us with $3,600 if you could have not concerned of me and the church here in Malawi, this is one of the elements of having a heart upon us. Surely having you is a great privilege. It is very rare to find people of your caliber who God has called to be part of our country like you being part Zomba, Mount Moriah Worship Center. I believe with the mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ you are ready to perseverely stand the heat with the church and me and continue the good work you have begun.
We were indeed in despair; we lacked fish, but now you are teaching us how to fish. I have bought the 10 pigs and given them to 5 Pastors as per your recommendation. Now economically we are to be sound and even the capability and effectiveness of the ministry. We have engaged in a battle proclaiming victory over the powers of darkness. Knowing that there are people like you praying for us and the ministry that is why we give glory and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for your support in cash. Without you, our road in the work of God would be so lonely and much harder. We thank the Lord for having you.
Once again I appreciate your love and support. 
God bless you all and stay blessed
Pastor Chris Labana


“Pastor Chris, who has done this wonderful help to me? The Lord God must bless them abundantly because my future is bright, the church will be effective.”    Pastor Elias Phetemu

“God is a good God, I did not dream that I can be bailed from poverty but the Papa’s House has done a great work to me, family and the church. May the Almighty Lord bless Papa’s House”.    Pastor Sammuel 

"This gift we have been given is godly because:
     1. Our churches are to grow 
     2. This evangelism by action which must be emulated 
     3. Economically we will be sound 
God bless Papa's House and God bless Pastor Chris Labana for good relationship with Papa's House".   Pastor Samuel Chiwayu