PAPA’s Pig Project 2011– COMPLETE!!!
Papa's House purchased a mature, bred sow for Pastor Daniel’s church. One family in the church was responsible for taking care of the sow and raising the piglets. When the sow gave birth, one piglet was raised to maturity, bred and then given back to the church so another family in the church can be blessed with an income and food. The other piglets are raised to maturity and then used for food or sold for income.

Within two years every family within the church has been provided an income and food for the table. Then the church began to tithe bred sows to other churches with the desire to spread the pig program throughout all the villages in the local area. As of January 2013 all of the families (over 50) in the church are in the pig business and over 6 pigs have been sown into other churches. These churches now have their own pig project! And so on it goes….


Mukama yebazibwe Paige, Arnold ne Pete,
It was such a great pleasure and blessing having you in Uganda for the may trip, though it was a sad moment seeing you off at Entebbe Airport. I just felt like you had to stay in uganda forever.
 Thanks very very very much for:
1] your love
2] your care
3] purchasing us the property [Land]
4] preaching in the different churches
5] buying bringing me the Laptop computer
7] facilitating the pastors meeting at luweero guest house
8] the gifts given to children at Amazing Grace School
9] the gifts given to Daniel's children at wobulenzi.
10] the funds towards the Papa's house pig project
11] the funds towards Prossie's Clinic in wobulenzi
12] etc, etc, etc.
This mail may not really explain what I deeply feel in my heart, but I trust that you know how much I love you and appreciate all you've done in this May Trip. May our Lovely heavenly father clearly open more heavenly doors and windows of abundant blessings to Papa's House International.  
Mbagala nyo nyo nyo nyo!   Mukama akuwe omukisa!

Your Son,