UPDATE 2020: Beulah Land Project

The land is currently producing corn, rice, coconuts, dragon fruit, bananas and coffee. The proceeds are funding PSBF Children Learning Center which is a children’s feeding and clothing program in several cities through the region. It also provides school supplies and teaches the children about Jesus. Well over 100 kids are being helped by this program.

In 2020 Papa’s House put in a water well for irrigation to continue to grow the crops through the current drought.

Project - Beulah Land - Complete!!!

During Papa's House's travels to the Philippines, they met Pastor Gloria Beronio. Pastor Gloria is the Senior Pastor of Lanao Gospel to the Nations Ministry outside of Lanao del Norte, in the Mindanao Province of the southern Philippines. The ministry includes 12 churches in the surrounding province, a discipleship/feeding program for over 60 children, Prayer Mountain and Retreat and a future orphanage.
Purchase 18.5 acres of land outside of Lanao. The land will be used for raising livestock (fish, goats, cows & chickens) and farming crops (rice, bananas, ginger, dragon fruit, corn, coconut, and a variety of fruit trees).
The land will also be a launching point to spread the gospel in an area that has never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ!

The food and income produced from the sales of livestock and crops will feed the orphanage and supply the discipleship/feeding program.
"We are so blessed because of GOD's goodness..we are so blessed because you took the responsibility to share what you got to help us...we are blessed because you are there to support us in this endeavor.
We believe that this will yield a great harvest in all of your lives..upon your people and your family... and on our part the responsibility to win souls and disciple them...our hearts beat, with the blessing comes the responsibility to be faithful being stewards of the awesome blessings of God! 
" Pastor Gloria


Today in my devotional I thanked God for divine connections and opportunities after praying the scriptures that quote blessings and breakthroughs and to my amazement I got an email from Papa Arnold stating what you have done...you raised a big funding for the land planting and stocking. I cannot figure in my mind the goodness of the Lord in our life and ministry, after years of struggles of learning to wait on God...Psalms is really happening in our midst that the needy shall not always be forgotten. I could only declare that the eyes of Father God in heaven really is on all the face of the earth and connects His family to serve His purposes in these last days....My heart leaps for joy for His goodness...how He connected us to you thru Papa Arnold and Papa's House International.
The land location has actually a zero-gospel witness but with what we have now I believed in JESUS ' name...His light will shine...we will become a food basket...and will be able to serve tribes and nations or people groups...Just this morning at 6:30am Igot a call from a sister I have'nt yet met to pray for her 85 year old grandma and to open a work in their household...the place has zero-gospel witness very near to the land...this is really amazing...the series of events is just exploding...halellujah! My co-Pastor last week visited our satellite work...he saw the Subanen tribe church building about to collapsed. With what the Lord has done in us we can extend blessings to them. And also our children ministry will be so blessed...We now have 60 children. They come to the church at 6:30am for worship, afterwards they have breakfast and then we give them an allowance for their schooling, after they submit their assignment (the chapter where we get our lesson for that Sunday). One time Nikki one of the kids told me "Nanay, our neighbors were in a fight, I rebuke them by declaring in "Jesus name stop" they stop fighting...am really happy with this.
Thank you ever so much for your assistance to the work here in Mindanao. Words are never enough but I know one day at the great morning with Jesus, He will say to us "well done good and faithful servant ...."Truly the power of working together...the power of two in harmony...power of partnership...is great...things we cannot do before is now a reality because you are there for us..
The LORD will surely bless us and keep us,He will cause His face to shine upon us and be gracious to us.

ptra gloria