Our Ministries

Papa's House has raised up over 70 sons and daughters and ministered in over 29 countries around the world.

Papa's House has ongoing mission works in the nations of:

     The Philippines                                    Dubai
     Mongolia                                               Nepal
     Vietnam                                                 Israel
     Thailand                                                Wales
     Cambodia                                              Uganda
     Malaysia                                                Malawi

Surely the Lord will give you strength for His name and His work's sake in all the places
where He wants to transform lives through you.

Those who are just sitting in darkness are waiting for the marvelous light of the Gospel!


Mission Projects

Mongolia - 2023Mongolia - 2023
Children Receiving Bibles

Malawi Mission Works 2023Malawi Mission Works 2023
Click below to read about PHI's Mission Projects in Malawi.

Northern Philippines - 2022Northern Philippines - 2022
The nations have reopened for us to travel. We went on our first missions trip in 2 years! We went to the Philippines for two weeks this last August 2022. We accomplished our four-fold purpose: 1. We ministered to pastors from various town churches in the province, training and teaching them so they can spread the gospel to other areas. 2. We collaborated with volunteer medical and dental professionals to provide simple and basic medical and dental care to needy members of the ... more

Malawi Pig Project - 2021Malawi Pig Project - 2021
LETTER OF APPRECIATION Greetings from Zomba – Malawi the warm heart of Africa in the name of Jesus the son of the living God who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I absolutely appreciate, because that you would not have to supported us with $3,600 if you could have not concerned of me and the church here in Malawi, this is one of the elements of having a heart upon us. Surely having you is a great ... more

FINISHED!!  Cantu House Mission Project 2021FINISHED!! Cantu House Mission Project 2021
FINISHED!!! We completed a mission project for a couple who are taking care of their handicapped son in Fresno Texas. We rebuilt their 70 year house that fell apart during the Texas freeze in 2021. What started as a simple request to insulate pipes under the house and put skirting on the house turned into a full scale rebuilding. We soon realized that there was more that needed to be done other than insulating pipes. The house was literally falling to the ground. Through the repairs we ... more

UPDATE!!   Project Beulah Land - Mindanao, PhilippinesUPDATE!! Project Beulah Land - Mindanao, Philippines
UPDATE 2020: Beulah Land Project. The land is currently producing corn, rice, coconuts, dragon fruit, bananas and coffee. The proceeds are funding PSBF Children Learning Center which is a children’s feeding and clothing program in several cities through the region. It also provides school supplies and teaches the children about Jesus. Well over 100 kids are being helped by this program. In 2020 Papa’s House put in a water well for irrigation to continue to grow the ... more

Project PSB Kids - Mindanao, PhilippinesProject PSB Kids - Mindanao, Philippines
Since January 2018 Papa’s House has been helping Pastor Gloria Beronio in Mindanao, Philippines for Project PSB Kids. Pastor Gloria, along with several local area pastors and churches, have been feeding orphans and very poor children before school each day to give them the same advantage at learning as every other child has. The children are fed each day before school, given clothes, shoes and school supplies and taught to worship the Lord.

Project Nanny Goat - PhilippinesProject Nanny Goat - Philippines
In January 2015, Papa's House purchased 11 mature, bred nanny goats for the churches in Mindanao. The families in the church are responsible for taking care of the nanny goat and raising the kids. When the nanny gives birth, the first kid will be given back to the church so another family in the church can be blessed with an income and food. And so on it goes… TESTIMONY: Happy New Year to you PHI. Your images still lingers and we do miss your kindness and love for ... more

Women's ConferencesWomen's Conferences
WOMEN"S CONFERENCES - Success! May 2022 - FOURTH Women's Conference What an amazing Women's Conference we had! The heavens were opened and the presence of the Lord blessed us all! Thank you to all our amazing speakers who brought the Word and to all who helped, cooked, donated and volunteered! We could not have done it without everyone! A huge thank you to Pearland New Harvest for allowing us the use of their facility, our sponsors and those who donated prizes for ... more

Project Feed UgandaProject Feed Uganda
PROJECT Feed Uganda – COMPLETE!!! During Papa Pete’s travels to Uganda, he met Pastor Daniel Male. Pastor Daniel has a ministry outside of Kikyusa, Uganda, which includes a school for over 350 children, which over 80 are orphans living in foster care homes in the local village. The ministry also includes a church of 125 people and a bible college of 40-50 students. PHASE ONE: LAND PURCHASE - COMPLETE – MAY 2011 Purchase 8 acres of land outside of Kikyusa. ... more

Pig Project - UgandaPig Project - Uganda
PAPA’s Pig Project 2011– COMPLETE!!! Papa's House purchased a mature, bred sow for Pastor Daniel’s church. One family in the church was responsible for taking care of the sow and raising the piglets. When the sow gave birth, one piglet was raised to maturity, bred and then given back to the church so another family in the church can be blessed with an income and food. The other piglets are raised to maturity and then used for food or sold for ... more

Project Farm CambodiaProject Farm Cambodia
PROJECT Farm Cambodia 2013 – COMPLETE!!! Papa’s House worked with Pastor Sam Raguingan and provided the seed and fertilizer for 26 starving families, unable to feed themselves, to start their own farms and then sow their blessing and harvest into the next group of families. AND we sponsored two Evangelistic Christmas Events in the local villages. Since Cambodia is a Buddhist nation, it is always prohibited to do evangelistic campaigns in the communities but Christmas ... more

Project Cambodia Emergency ReliefProject Cambodia Emergency Relief
PROJECT Cambodia Emergency Relief - COMPLETE In October 2013, Papa’s House helped provide emergency relief funds to help those villages hit hard by major flooding in Cambodia. Pastor Sam distributed relief goods to 154 families in Battambang and Poipet including 30 widows and 521 children. TESTIMONY: I am so greatful for your quick reply and immediate readiness to help us......... I am so overwhelmed with your generosity and care for us and for the people of Cambodia... As ... more

Project Typhoon Haiyan - Philippines - Emergency ReliefProject Typhoon Haiyan - Philippines - Emergency Relief
PROJECT Typhoon Haiyan - Philippines - Emergency Help – COMPLETE In the Philippines, Papa’s House worked with the local churches and provided much needed emergency relief funds to buy food, water and supplies for those devastated by Typhoon Haiyan that hit in November 2013. TESTIMONY: We are happy to inform you that through your prayers and financial support, we were able to serve around 60 families over 5 different areas in President Roxas, Capiz. Construction ... more