About Us

PHI was officially founded in 2010 by Reverend Pete Cavasoz, “Papa Pete”. For over 53 years Papa Pete has been called by God to be a Papa to the nations: to lift up, encourage and empower men and women to bring about change in their lives.

The vision of Papa’s House is:
  • To build up the body of Christ by stirring their hearts to discover and implement their God-given abilities
  • To empower men and women to go preach the Word of God and demonstrate God’s power through signs and wonders
  • To challenge the church to seek the Lord for revival fire
  • To raise up sons to be fathers and to raise up daughters to know the father’s heart
  • To prepare teams of ministers who are willing to go into the entire world to touch the hearts of those who are hurting, to heal those who never knew the love of the Father and extend the Father’s love through the power of the Holy Spirit
Today, the heart cry of the people is greater than ever.
The heartbeat of God is ever stronger, the vision is ever sharper, and the challenge to go is ever greater.
We are moved by God’s heartbeat of compassion and love.
We go with the very heart of God the Father to preach the life changing Gospel unto all the ends of the Earth.
We hear the heart cry of the people, and to them we bring the Gospel of the Power of the Word of God.
The Call: “Go! Raise up sons and daughters, by teaching them from the Fathers heart. Prepare a generation to hear and follow the instructions of the heart of Father God.”

Papa's House International is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.